Human potential and social media are partners

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My RT Tweet Social Media and Humanity - photo FNM

Today on Twitter I came across a post by @socialmedia2day that touched the very essence of what I feel the internet and social media is for humanity and the world:

Human potential and social media make a great partnership in bringing the world together.” ~ FNM

If we think about all the great things we can do thanks to being connected through different social media networks and the other tools we have to communicate with, it just touches your soul (well, it touches mine, that’s for sure).

I can think of at least 5 ways this method of communication and connecting has a huge impact on a person’s personal life and the world:

  1. Closer to loved ones spread around the world: You get to talk and see family and friends thanks to Skype, Gchat, and MSN Messenger (my favorite although it’s lost popularity).  Do you know how close and involved in their lives you’re able to be by making a video call? A lot closer, it’s as if you were next door. The only thing you can’t do is hug them.
  1. Real time responses/Immediate communication: When people wanted to send each other letters, invitations, important information it could only be done through snail mail. Depending on where you lived and where the letter was coming from you didn’t know how many days/weeks/months it would take for you to get that letter (even the possibility of it getting lost). Now we send an e-mail and the receiver gets it right away (or as soon as they check their inbox), they can even send a response immediately.  This makes it so easy for everyone to      stay up to date with daily activities, emergencies, needed information exchange and sharing documents or pictures. This is fantastic!
  1. Up-to-date on personal and worldly events: Social media networks allow us to participate in each other’s lives daily, to be up-to-date on world events and to share things that happen to us. It’s incredible that I can find out what’s happening in the Olympics via a Tweet or Facebook post, go to the link and possibly stream a live feed of whatever was going on that day in London.
  1. Sharing information, expanding horizons: Thanks to this new means of communication we are able to share thoughts, articles, and information across borders, countries and oceans; all of this takes place in real time, sometimes even as it is happening. Sure, sometimes it can be a problem with misinformation (like the erroneous rumor that took place a couple days ago about the Iron Lady passing away), but when used well and thoughtfully, as well as people not blindly believing every word they read, it’s a good thing. People from different cultures can be immersed in each other’s trends, ideas and projects; this brings me to number five.
  1. Learning different cultures and interacting with them: Thanks to social media and the internet the world is closer; we can interact amongst each other (even if in a virtual manner) and learn about one another.  Now we can talk to a person who is in their own country while before being able to talk to a person who lives in and is from France, China or Bulgaria was not possible, unless they left their country and came to yours or vice versa. By connecting with people across countries we can see our similarities, differences, passions and why sometimes we do the things we do.

To these 5 social media and internet communication impacts on our lives, add the fact that humanity is looking to grow, come closer together and live a peaceful existence enjoying life, the earth and each other, and we’ve got a great partnership, don’t you think?

[My answer: Yes, I do. As long as I focus on the positive uses of social media and the positive people who wish to make good changes. The ones who misuse this tool of closeness (that’s what I define it as since it brings us closer together) shouldn’t be allowed to penalize the efforts and possibilities it brings to the humanity and the world.]


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