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October full moon and 5D ascension energies

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

October’s full moon energies continue to bring us the 5D earth ascension energy expansion situations that we’ve been experiencing throughout the month of October (and for some time now). It’s all about inner growth and coming to be the higher potential you know you are, that you feel is a part of you, and that is meant to come forward as you raise your consciousness and release the denser energies that keep you from doing so.

October new moon energies and 5D ascension October transmissions

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

Even though a day after the new moon in October, I’m thinking you will still benefit from a bit of sharing on these great and challenging ascension times with the new moon and October’s overall 5D ascension energies (coming in more and more).

The new moon of October and overall energies this month are bringing forth another wave of experiences to help us let go of that which is holding us back from shining brighter and brighter and fulfilling our highest potential and ascent.