The thrill of life starts with the small things

The thrill of life starts with the small things

When you think about the beauty that is life and the exciting moments that you get to experience, you get that warm feeling inside that lifts you up with the most amazing ecstatic energy.  Everyone has a different way of describing it and there are a number of words that we use to try to encompass that overwhelming sense of ecstasy, the essence of life, that we get; one of these includes thrill.  The ability to bring it about within us starts with us and recognizing the thrill in the little things.

Since life is lived and felt through our own eyes and focus, it is up to us to put the thrill in things and so many times the little things become ordinary and taken for granted, which is why that thrill becomes harder to get over time.  But if each one of us wakes up every day with the thought of appreciation towards life, simply breathing the air that is around you and enjoying the warm sun on your skin, the world becomes a whole bunch of ecstatic moments and feelings.

No matter what you are experiencing, the hardship or challenge that is taking place, if you want to regain a moment of joy that will uplift you it is very possible; but you are the one who makes the choice by stopping yourself from taking for granted those moments of life, which include the small things like simply being alive.  It is about perspective and recognizing what life means to you.  It’s something you need to want for yourself, which is why no one can do much to bring about the thrill of life to someone who is going through a rough time.

Each one of us has a loved one or more that come to us with their moments of sadness and I’m sure you do all that is in your power to bring that thrill of life to them, to bring to their attention the small things that are amazing about them and their life; unfortunately, only they can maintain that thrill of life as time passes.  It really is so simple to focus on one joy, breathing fresh air and meeting wonderful people, being a part of a family or having a wonderful group of friends, or even just having life to live day after day with the things you enjoy doing.

So today, when you get ready to go to sleep and tomorrow when you open up those eyes after a night of sleep; think of the small things that thrill you from this thing called life, even if that small thing is simply the essence of life that is going through your body as you take that first sip of coffee or tea in the morning or a nighttime snack before you head off to dream land.

I’d love to hear about one of the small thrills for you in your life.  Can’t wait to hear from you 😊

How a daily ‘giving holiday mindset’ can help inner growth

How a daily ‘giving holiday mindset’ can help inner growth

In this past month, when the holiday season begins, you always notice a happy air about.  It’s like everything feels so much more loved, joyous and kind.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence and it is one of the things I love most about every holiday.  People get warm feelings in their hearts and try to be thankful for all that they have, to give back and help those in need.  If only every day could be a holiday, then we’d have the same amount of loving energy within us and around the world every day.

So, this made me think, what would a giving holiday mindset mean for our inner growth?  Obviously, for the world it would mean a lot more people being kind to each other and giving to each other, but what about the impact on you, personally; especially when faced with those challenges that come before taking the next step towards where you want to be?

I know the wording (giving holiday mindset) might be a bit odd, but it does paint a good picture of the feeling you’d hold within you and that feeling is the first thing that would impact your day to day inner growth thoughts, actions, questions, challenges, etc.

When it comes to inner growth we’re brought to look at it as something hard, something that requires a lot of effort and of course there’s a good reason why; inner growth seems to always come following challenges and moments of doubt or despair.  It takes time to adjust to the idea of looking at a challenge differently, it takes time to learn about your fears, to release them, and to transform the tendency to focus on what you don’t want versus what you have.  It’s also a huge challenge to have that light uplifting feeling in your heart that says everything will be all right.

Now, if we faced the same unexpected situations, thoughts, and feelings with a giving holiday mindset our heart would be lit up with that warm glow of something magical, something loving, something happy, something invincible even.  That warm heart feeling gives you hope and it uplifts you; so with it you’d feel a lot lighter when faced with something that in another mindset might have seemed so much heavier to manage.

You’d also have in mind all the good things that you have in life and this would give you the strength to face anything head on.  Being grateful puts you in a place of appreciation and abundance, not in a place of lack and as if everything is about to crumble to pieces.  It’s not only the kind natured feeling that works its magic, but the actual feeling of gratitude.  A challenge would be way smaller since next to it you’d have a list of all the things you do have that are positive.

I know you, the one reading my blog yes; you are looking to take a loving spin to your life, to make it less difficult, to reach your inner growth so that you may reach balance or you’re already on the journey and this message resonates with you, or maybe I’m totally off (lol)…but to you reading I say this, if you can hold a giving holiday mindset the world will become that giving holiday everyday (and I don’t mean only Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is for any holiday that makes you feel that warm loving feeling in your heart).

‘Tis the season to be jolly, why not be jolly every day and start redefining what it means to pursue inner growth.  It doesn’t have to be heavy if you try to lighten up the load while exploring the inner-depths of yourself and perspective.  For sure there’s a process that requires its time, but if you start thinking about things in a giving holiday mindset your heart will be too light to allow you to be too low.

Giving it a try can’t hurt, right!  Now it’s your turn, I’m curious, do you have a type of mindset in mind that you’d apply to inner growth?  Let me know 🙂