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Inner Growth Word of The Day 20 – Definition

When composing any thought or action words are used to describe them; each word holds a definition, which in turn ascribes significance to the whole.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 17 – Conflict

Conflict is an opportunity for you to explore two opposing views and/or feelings, which leads to more questions about your views and/or feelings. This type of exploration brings inner growth because it makes those views and feelings come to the surface, allowing you to see them clearly.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 15 – Difference

Differences are an opportunity for you to look at your uniqueness, as well as the uniqueness of others. By looking at differences with curiosity and the desire to understand, you can pursue inner growth for yourself and also gain insights into other ways, thoughts, and perspectives from the people around you.

Being objective in a subjective world

Seeing the mosaic of your objective-subjective thoughts is one way people can take a good look at themselves without blurring their vision with words they think are objective, yet that hold the subjective. It’s also a helpful exercise for those individuals pursuing inner growth…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 13 – Existence

It is very possible that a person’s inner growth journey has some basis in the exploration of existence. Contemplating existence depends on our curiosity about life and our experiences. When you notice the wind blowing through your hair or a child’s smile from afar, when you think about a day’s work or last night’s family dinner; all of these and more comprise existence.