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Finding the time to do the things you love in life

Time is one of the most precious things we have, and as we get older we have to start managing it with work and other responsibilities. Some people struggle more with this change, while others have an easier time with it. The reason for a greater struggle usually involves a certain level of unhappiness with the lack of time we have, to do the things that are more enjoyable to us. However, there are various ways people can lessen this struggle and regain a sense of joy with time…


Inner Growth Word of The Day 102 – Good

A look at the good that’s in your life helps you to acknowledge the good that is in you and around you. This leads to an awareness of the character traits that you can appreciate within you, expand on, and change too if you like. Exploring the good in your life also brings you to appreciate the people and things that are a part of your life, which leads to contemplation and inner growth too.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 101 – Knowledge

Knowledge helps inner growth when that knowledge includes awareness and understanding of ourselves from the inside. If you live your experiences by looking inward with a learning mindset there’s much you can comprehend about yourself, as well as the world around you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 100 – Opportunities

Opportunities allow inner growth by giving us different options to choose from, which make us reflect upon what we really want. This reflection gets us to turn inward and ponder what our heart truly wants, and our opportunities allow us to take action to make those desires come true.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 99 – Living

Exploring your idea of living and the choices you make to implement your vision is something that leads to inner growth because before you can know what living means to you, you have to explore yourself, your heart and what’s important to you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 98 – Nurture

Nurture and one’s personality is pretty significant for inner growth because when you explore yourself, you are looking into those nurtured traits and characteristics. The ones that don’t resonate with you very well catch your attention first; you dive in to them head on and then get good at identifying your nurtured behaviors in general. This leads to a continuous look at traits and behaviors with the awareness that nurture is what could be the reason for them and not that they are yours from the heart.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 97 – Identify

Looking into how and who you identify with is one way you start exploring how you see yourself, which leads to inner growth because from this exploration, you move to finding your own true identity and move away from one that is based on another person or group.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 96 – Impossible

A look at the things that you deem impossible or even a look at what type of mindset you have, so are you inclined towards seeing things as impossible, helps you to understand your fears or obstacles, your thoughts and preset judgements on yourself and the likelihood or not of the unfolding of something specific. All this exploration brings to inner growth by creating awareness and the opportunity for you to face those “impossible” things that might just not be that impossible.

What’s the challenge with being considerate

There are plenty of considerate people; actually, I bet everyone finds themselves to be a considerate person (at least in some ways or circumstances). In fact, often you find people talking about how considerate they are while they find others to be so inconsiderate. Is this true? Are they considerate and others just so inconsiderate? As always it comes down to perspective and who’s talking.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 95 – Passive

Understanding the reasons for you being passive, whether just sometimes or always, brings you to accept the decision to continue in such a way or resolve the reasons for your passiveness. Inner growth takes place thanks to your increased self-awareness on being passive, and your acceptance or active transformation to bring about changes that are in tune with your heart (around passiveness).