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The inner growth that can come from a compromise

The beauty of thought and self-exploration in the pursuit of inner growth and/or balance and harmony in life is the limitless possibilities you have. What angle you can take on anything you’re thinking about goes beyond our imagination. And thanks to the world that surrounds you, you are able to see, integrate or compare different perspectives, which all help you to expand that limitless potential you have. In this amazing experience, compromises are also something that can make you reflect, grow and expand your perspective.


People’s differences have a way of adding to the pursuit of inner growth

If you really think about it, the differences each of us has is something quite special; not only does it make life colorful, but it is also something that supports the pursuit of inner growth. Certainly, there are some characteristics and behaviors that can conflict with one’s own; but if these differences didn’t exist, would we be inclined to look further? Would growth happen if there wasn’t anything that struck us or that brought about a reaction within us?

Let’s talk about the problem with closure or the absence of it

So, on the matter of closure. This need to bring things full circle before being able to let go of them is essentially another thing we hold on to if you think about. If you’re going to free yourself from external inputs as you pursue your inner growth and balance, letting go of a lot of things is going to be the way you achieve this thanks to the independence from external inputs you gain from doing this.

Getting over the hump in life is up to you and learning to let go

The most common source of frustration or objection I hear when talking about taking life with a positive spin all the way through is the fact that if something “bad” happens, it’s “bad”. If you break a leg or lose your house or are heartbroken; none of the above are good. How about if you lose a loved one or are cheated or betrayed, how do you get passed that?

The key to stopping internal confusion so that you can move forward

The irony is that a lot of the times this confusion isn’t necessarily identifiable. From the surface you feel fine, life is going great, there’s nothing that you feel confused about; and the ups and downs you go through are to you the norm.

Getting passed bumps on the road to stop repeat patterns you don’t want anymore

Today we’re going to take a look at really understanding why you could be getting stuck in repeat patterns with anything. It could be work related or working through relationship disappointments, or even a recurring thought that seems to bring you down…

You are unique no matter what anyone else says

The beauty of people is that each one of us sees things with different eyes (from a different place); no two people experience the same event in exactly the same way.  Yes, there are generalized ideas, feelings, human behavior traits, thought processes and experiences that we talk about when addressing humans and life.  However, if

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Helping others to find their own way and stop being echoes of ego-driven leaders

Leading the way to me means guiding the way with inner growth in the forefront; and when I think of a true leader, I think of someone who supports and guides others to find their own way and believe in themselves. Too often I see the title leader ascribed to individuals that aren’t promoting individuals to do things their own way. The reason for this is quite clear, a good number of people want to feel secure about the steps they take in their life, career, relationships, etc.

Dealing with family friction and finding the hidden lessons that lead to harmony

After writing the blog post on dealing with unpleasant ego driven people, it came to mind how much harder this is when the situation involves a loved one. It’s easier to remove yourself and take an objective look at the person you’re dealing with when the individual isn’t someone who’s a part of your day to day life and…

Dealing with unpleasant ego driven people and finding the hidden lessons

“Every interaction with another person can be an opportunity to grow and share love” ~ FNM I start this blog post with this statement because I’ve found it to be true with every interaction I’ve had; from the most pleasant of interactions to the least pleasant ones. Focusing on this truth or better stated, making this my natural reaction to interactions, particularly unpleasant ones, was a process…