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Inner Growth Word of The Day 2 – Self

Anyone who is on an inner growth journey has usually started that journey with the acknowledgement of and the desire to listen to and explore their ‘self’.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 1 – Inner Growth

Inner growth is the pursuit of expanding one’s awareness of one’s self, bringing about self-discovery that can lead to self-completion and/or mental transformation to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life, one with a learning mindset that is always curious and looks at the world as a child who discovers something new every day.

Idolizing the accomplishments of others holds a hidden message

Have you ever thought about the hidden message behind the inclination for people to give more importance and value to what someone else does than what they do? The habit of idolizing the accomplishments of others, but deeming their own ordinary or filled with imperfections?

Exploring your feelings

When you’re happy or sad or angry, do you ever think about that feeling and explore it? By explore it, I don’t mean focusing on what just happened and your reaction; I mean diving into it with words that bring about an explosion of feelings and that lead you into a state of presence of that feeling. A state of presence because by focusing your attention on what you’re feeling in that moment you are living that feeling and nothing else.

How aware are you of your fears and biases and why does it matter?

When it comes to really knowing yourself, fears and biases are quite challenging to identify. They are two components that hinder our inner growth if they remain hidden. They do so by keeping us stuck and acting as blinders to opportunities, options, and different perspectives that lay before us. Without awareness of your fears and biases you are not able to overcome them, nor to see how they are tainting a situation or reaction with the feelings they bring about and thoughts they themselves instill upon you.

Going beyond taking things personally to pursue broader horizons

There’s that famous expression, “It’s not personal, it’s just business” that makes some people twist their noses and cringe just a bit or a lot. Even though the expression is used in a business setting, it is a reminder of how easy it can be for people to take things personally. We’ve all been there, but sometimes there’s that moment of reflection when you’re feeling like you’ve been offended or that the comment just made was meant for you and it makes you realize that maybe, just maybe, it’s not about you (at all).

Everyone has insecurities, it’s what you do with them that can make a difference

Tears of rain - photo by FNM

As we explore life, our ups and downs, and continue our inner growth journey there are bound to be moments of insecurities. Everyone gets them, even if they may be few and far. Insecurities can have different ways of making us feel, but if we stay away from attributing a negative connotation to them we can reduce those down feelings and use those moments of insecurities in favor of strength and inner growth.

Overthinking doesn’t have to be a bad thing

I always wonder what makes someone tell someone else that they are overthinking. I mean as people, we think. We formulate ideas, explore questions, interact with people; a lot of what we do has some thinking to it. Also, typically we overthink something when it’s meaningful to us. Of course, there is that downside to overthinking when the thoughts are saddening or angering….

How a daily ‘giving holiday mindset’ can help inner growth

How a giving holiday mindset can help inner growth

In this past month, when the holiday season begins, you always notice a happy air about. It’s like everything feels so much more loved, joyous and kind. I don’t think it’s a coincidence and it is one of the things I love most about every holiday. People get warm feelings in their hearts and try to be thankful for all that they have, to give back and help those in need. If only every day could be a holiday, then we’d have the same amount of loving energy within us and around the world every day.