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Inner Growth Word of The Day 157 – Stigma

Exploring the stigmas you apply to others or that are applied to you allow for an understanding of where your opinions on a type of person or group of people stem from; or when applied to you, it provides you with insights on the people that make such statements. This awareness allows you to change your stigmas, remove them completely if you wish to do so, as well as avoid taking stigmas personally when others place you in those categories. All of this information allows inner growth since it brings you to reflect, at a deeper level, on the things you say or that are said to you based on those stigmas.


Inner Growth Word of The Day 156 – Misunderstanding

A look at when misunderstanding takes place, both on your end and when you are misunderstood, gets you to explore how you communicate and how you take in what others communicate to you. This brings inner growth because it leads you to discover to what extent you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and how attentive you are to how others understand, so that you can communicate in a way that they can receive your message without misinterpreting it. With this level of awareness, you can also make changes to avoid misunderstandings and gain insights into why misunderstandings take place when they do.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 155 – Ego-driven

Understanding if you’re ego-driven and what that entails gives you clarity on what you want to pursue and how you pursue these wants. It is also an opportunity to be aware if your actions include not impeding on other’s life pursuits. Thanks to this exploration inner growth takes place on the level of yourself and your actions towards others.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 154 – External input

You receive external inputs since the day you are born and can become aware of what they are as you start exploring them due to a disconnect or situation that brings your attention towards them. This exploration brings about inner growth because it allows you to remove those external inputs from your day to day (not allowing them to influence or affect you or your decisions) if they don’t resonate with you; or if they do resonate with you, they then can become internal inputs.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 153 – Equilibrium

Equilibrium is something that creates stability (whether for yourself or for something you’re doing) and in order to reach that stability you must first explore the instabilities. Through this exploration you come full circle with things that are important in your life, but that also bring some instability. All of this leads to inner growth in knowing more about yourself and taking actions to create equilibrium for yourself (internally and externally alike).

The Positive Sides Of Scoliosis

June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month

Originally posted on butterfly Sessions:
Scoliosis is bleak, every single part of it. If you are somebody who is inflicted with this challenging health condition you already know that living with a twisted spine can be scary, daunting, defeating, debilitating, and lonely. I feel all of that. Since age 12 I have been repeatedly told…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 152 – Self-Defining

Self-defining brings to inner growth because it has you looking to define who you are by removing the outside inputs you’ve gotten from everyone else and using solely what you feel in your heart is who you are. It brings you to uncover yourself, even those opinions of others that you find valid or just seem to not be able and shake off as being applicable to you (even though in your heart you may not think so). Knowing all this of yourself, whether you choose to transform or change or not, mean inner growth because you see yourself fully and define yourself as such, which consequently also leads to acceptance and unconditional love (also a part of the inner growth journey).

The struggle in deciding based on your belief and what others believe

I wrote a couple blogs on making decisions a while back (like plus five years ago) and how one of the biggest dilemmas we face is knowing if we are making the ‘best’ decision ever or not. Today I want to expand on making decisions, but with a focus on your belief; particularly, when others have something different to say about what you believe in and the decisions you’re looking to make based on those beliefs. It is a struggle I think everyone faces at some point or another in their life.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 151 – Equality

Exploring how you feel and what you think about equality (if you judge it or have preconceived notions about it) bring inner growth because this type of exploration gives you insights on how you feel about yourself in relation to equality and how you view the world when it comes to equality.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 150 – Adaptable

Being adaptable means you take time to pause and reflect, to accept what is different or unexpected and work with it. This also means you do the same thing with yourself (inner self), which is how inner growth is brought about. Thanks to your adaptable tendencies and your inner exploration, you pursue potential changes or at the very least gain awareness of your inner self to a more in-depth level.