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Inner Growth Word of The Day 126 – Bad

The bad things or people that come into our life bring about an internal struggle, which is what allows inner growth to take place since from that struggle arises our search for a solution and also an internal exploration to find peace with that bad thing or person from within (us).


Inner Growth Word of The Day 125 – Possible

A closer look at what is possible for you also gives you insights into what you don’t believe is possible for you. Bringing forth those areas you see as limits, gets you to dig deep and understand those limits, as well as take action to accept or remove those limits. This in turn leads to inner growth since you’re not only acknowledging your possible mindset, but you’re also seeing what you want to do about those areas you don’t believe are possible.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 124 – Aggressive

Looking at one’s tendencies of aggressive behavior or response to someone who is being aggressive, or being in an aggressive circumstance, brings you to understand why you feel the need to be forceful and when; as well as how you feel about someone or something that is being pushy with you. This type of exploration brings inner growth because it also brings you to take a look at things you might want to change when it comes to you being aggressive or how to deal with aggressiveness so that it doesn’t impact you in a negative way.

What’s so special about friendship and friends

There’s that saying about how you don’t pick your family, but you pick your friends, or something along those lines; and friendship is one of those amazing gifts that life gives us. What’s so special about friendship is the unconditional love you have for one another when that friendship is meaningful and like family. Friends can help you when you’re down and they can lift you up even more on those beautiful days. What is friendship? Where to start…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 123 – One-sided

Exploring the things you are one-sided about brings inner growth because it gets you to look into your reasons for this unilateral thinking; which opens up the notion that you are choosing to see something from one perspective (while there are more sides to it). As you dive deeper into your one-sidedness you understand where the perspective comes from and if it really resonates with you (and if so, why that is the case). By acknowledging one-sidedness and taking a look at the other sides of a story, you also gain a full picture about you, as well as the other sides/perspectives.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 122 – Generalizations

An in-depth look at your generalizations allows you to see them separately from the unique aspects that are a part of the things, people or circumstances you are generalizing. This brings you to see things clearly, which also gets you to make a conclusion that is free from those generalizations. This process brings inner growth because it puts you in a position to see things from the heart and not based on assumptions that may not reflect you or the thing, person or circumstance that the generalizations are applied to.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 121 – Self-love

Self-love is important to inner growth because without it, you might not even be searching for inner growth. Self-love is what motivates you to look deep within when something doesn’t feel right and it is actually what also triggers a light telling you that something isn’t right. The hard part is for those who think they don’t deserve self-love, being able to overcome this challenge and know that they, like everybody else, deserve love and should always follow a path that leads to inner joy and peace.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 120 – Eradicate

What we choose to eradicate from our life or our person is something that we’ve contemplated a lot on before making the decision and being able to take action to remove that something. This contemplation brings about inner growth as we will find out so much about ourselves during the thought process and we will also make decisions to bring about changes that we feel are right from the heart.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 119 – Ups and downs

Your ups and downs give you a sense of direction in things you enjoy from the heart and things you might not enjoy so much or that bother you. These moments allow you to ponder why you feel that way and what you want to do about the different situations that bring about those ups and downs. As you do this inner growth takes place thanks to the consciousness you gain of yourself and the actions you take to change that which you don’t want.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 118 – Permanent

When you take a look at the permanent things in your life you gain insights into the things that are a constant for you. This allows you to ponder why they are constants, which provides you with a deep look within. This type of awareness brings about inner growth thanks to the added knowledge you have of yourself. Also, if you look at your relationship with the idea of permanent, if it’s something you long for or can live without, this too gives you an area to explore of yourself.