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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 161 – Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Exploring getting to the heart of the matter; how inner growth is all about getting to your heart on all matters in your day-to-day, life, goals, everything that is part of your life experience; why this in-depth inner knowledge is what leads to self-mastery and leadership; how it guides you to raising your consciousness from the heart, to expand the essence of you, and bring forth your unique voice from the heart to the world through all that you say and do; and how this amazing inner heart exploration leads you to the quality of life you want every day.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 160 – How To Make The Best Of Everything

Exploring how to make the best of everything; why finding the best in any situation doesn’t mean ignoring the worst components; and how inner growth brings you to explore these situations with neutrality, to awaken to your inner core and heart, ascend and raise you consciousness to the lessons behind the situations at hand, and acknowledging the choice you have between giving meaning to something, the inner power you hold for your life and everything that takes place in it.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 159 – Staying Grounded While Also Pursuing Your Dreams

Exploring staying grounded while also pursuing your dreams; how this journey can begin since a very young age or once we get older; why inner growth gets you to achieve grounding and your dreams in a way that brings forth the full expression of your inner core and heart; what difference you find in pursing your dreams while you stay in balance with the world around you; and why it’s only with heart towards self and others that the complete harmony brings forth the manifestation of that dream in a way that fits the good of all.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 158 – Trusting Yourself To Determine The Information While Staying Connected

Exploring trusting yourself to determine the information while staying connected; what this means in inner growth and outer world harmony terms; why it’s important to trust yourself while also ensuring you stay connected to the outer world you live in; what this continuous dance of harmony between inner and outer world means for your inner growth, raising of consciousness, awakening and ascension to you, your heart, and all that you are in essence and in form through your actions; and why any of this matters to the quality of life you lead, your personal development, and what you bring forth in this world (the change from the heart you want to see and experience).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 157 – Transformation Of Flow and Life From Within

Exploring transformation of flow and life from within; why finding your flow from within is important; what inner growth has to do with the transformation that takes place in time; the never-ending journey of flow and life from within; the amazing transformation that you go through from the heart and how you grow the abundance of flow and life not only for yourself when you choose growth, love, and your unique harmony that brings to your flow and life (from within) to be what has always been a part of you and residing within your heart just waiting for you to let it come forward and be a part of your day-to-day.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 156 – Going Beyond Convictions To Tap Into Your Higher Potential

Exploring going beyond convictions to tap into your higher potential; awakening to the expanded version of you, the unlimited growth and expansion of consciousness that takes place through choosing inner growth; the role of moving to neutrality in duality with your convictions; how through removing the limits that come with divide you go to the depths of your heart to find your inner truths; what these truths tell you about the ever-evolving meaning of life that you bring forth through your every thought, breath, and action; and why once you break free from all limits, every conviction you have transforms to something completely different in how you feel it, think of it, experience it, pursue it, and share it.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 155 – People Will Always Have Something To Say, But You Have The Last Word

Exploring how people will always have something to say, but you have the last word; how an inner growth mindset gets you to always keep this in mind, as well as pursue inner growth to tap in to the unlimited potential you are and that you are meant to bring forth through your uniqueness as a person; how these experiences in combination with inner growth are enlightening on so many levels from within and without (with the external); and in what ways your quality of life improves exponentially now with your finally giving power to your last word on any matter that is a lifestyle choice, thought, part of your person in essence and heart of the matter.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 154 – Going Beyond The Divide To Bring Unity

Exploring going beyond the divide to bring unity; how your inner growth journey brings awareness to this and consistent transformation of it; the amazing empowerment you gain from unity and the appreciation you grow for the divide sparking the conscious choosing of unity while acknowledging the divide’s role in it; why even those who don’t embrace unity play a role in going beyond the divide; and how the human condition is involved in this process.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 153 – Continuously Choosing Expansion and Awakening

Exploring continuously choosing expansion and awakening; what this means for your day-to-day life, quality of life, inner growth, and inner, as well as outer, expansion; how the journey to this choice isn’t always easy and why this is the case; and how once you start this continuous expansion and awakening experience your life goes in that direction too (on everything you do or that comes your way, etc.).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 152 – Working Through The Humps and Bumps In Life

Exploring working through the humps and bumps in life; how these challenges get us to go within in; what the external inputs we seek and are surrounded by add to the process; why our inner core’s guidance needs to always be included and is the key to working through challenges completely; and how an inner growth mindset gets you to do the work with curiosity and love for the expansion that you know is going to come from the experience.