When inner growth helps you to find inner strength

As I thought about what to write today, I did a quick search to see if I could find some of the most common questions people have about inner growth (to spark my creative juices, so to speak).  To my surprise, Google’s results didn’t include anything about inner growth, but had a number of results focused on inner strength.  Then another interesting coincidence was a daily meditation activity I’m participating in also focused on inner strength.  So, inner strength it is 🙂

What I noticed as a commonality in the Google search results and the meditation session was people’s desire to overcome the challenges in finding inner strength.  Obviously, Google focused on tips, while the meditation session focused on the false path to finding inner strength versus the true path.  I’m a big believer that each person has their own truth, but when it comes to true and false paths I believe that can happen.  It’s not true or false based on an outside judgement, it’s true or false based on its connection to one’s true self.  So, inner strength that comes from within because there is inner trust versus inner strength that comes from external criteria and the outside world.

You know how they say that when you know something is true, you don’t feel the need to prove it.  You don’t have to prove it because in your heart you know it’s true; this truth brings peace to you, which is why you don’t feel the need to “fight” to prove it.  If on the other hand you’re battling to prove something, then you are also battling to prove that something to yourself.

The same goes with inner strength.  If you trust yourself you know you can find strength, that you have inner strength.  The keys that were provided by all those who have written on the topic start with looking to yourself and knowing you can do it.  We all have it in us to live, this is why we all have it in us to find strength.  If you are finding it challenging to find inner strength, one way you can go about doing this is looking back at the challenges you’ve overcome in your life so far.  When I say look back, I mean feel the feelings you were feeling in that moment, be in the mindset of that moment and relive that moment with the knowledge you had at the time.  You’ll find that you were probably feeling quite down or upset, but that you did overcome the challenge and that everything turned out alright.

If you notice that you seem to find your inner strength from others, that is something you want to contemplate.  Support is important in your journey; however, your one guide should be your heart, your ways, your insights, your experiences.  Your support should add to your inner strength, but not take away.  So just notice if there is a weakening of your inner strength due to others, there’s something you still doubt about yourself and your dependability to know what’s best for you.

The last note on inner strength that is super important is the aspect of defensiveness and being closed off from the world.  As long as you have a view of the world as against you, and therefore your inner strength comes to you to battle these opposing forces; you may be strong, but this strength isn’t based on trust in yourself, your heart or life.  This type of inner strength is based on defending yourself from the world, which also means you feel like the world can hurt you.  If the world can hurt you, you don’t really feel that strong, and this is what you want to explore.

At the end of the day, it’s always about perspective; however, trust that the key to your inner strength comes from within.  Trust that you have it, and that you can find it if only you look at the amazing things you’ve come to achieve so far in your life.