Inner Growth Word of The Day 13 – Existence

It is very possible that a person’s inner growth journey has some basis in the exploration of existence. Contemplating existence depends on our curiosity about life and our experiences. When you notice the wind blowing through your hair or a child’s smile from afar, when you think about a day’s work or last night’s family dinner; all of these and more comprise existence.


What do you see when you look back at your life

Have you ever looked back at all that’s happened up to today and where you’re at in your life? Do you get mixed feelings, happy feelings or sad feelings when you do this? These questions are only some of the ones that come to mind to start a conversation on such an important topic. Looking back brings different thoughts and feelings with it, within us; those thoughts and feelings depend a lot on our focus when we look back.

The truth about inconsistency and being inconsistent

Life is a gift - photo by FNM

Inconsistency means not following through with something and there’s always a reason behind this decision, whether conscious or unconscious. It’s ok to not want something and to not follow through with it, but it would be good if inconsistent people would bring to their awareness that it is ok. It would make their life so much easier and it would probably also stop them from being so inconsistent.