Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 101 – Freeing The Leader From Within Through Inner Growth

maria florio inspiring human potential inner growth

Exploring freeing the leader from within through inner growth; what this means in your day-to-day life; how it affects everything you do; the different phases freeing your inner leader goes through when applying inner growth; and what difference this makes to your awakening to you, your inner core and heart, the essence of you; and how it gets you to raise your consciousness to the unlimited potential you are and your world.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 100 – The Inner Power You Hold To Go Beyond

Exploring the inner power you hold to go beyond; what your inner power is; how inner growth gets you to tap in to it; why it’s something only you can harness, grow, expand, and/or render powerless; the obstacles that you face, which inner growth turns to opportunities; and the amazing journey our entire humanity is going through from this inner power perspective, raising of consciousness, awakening to within, and bringing forth inner and outer harmony, unconditional love for all in all our differences and uniqueness perspectives, and more.

April 5D ascension energies

Living change - photo by FNM

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! I don’t know about you, but I can say without a doubt that the beginning of this month of April with its 5D ascension energies was quite impactful, in so many ways.  Let me start by sharing some encouraging words for those of you who are going through it the hardest, all is well, all will always be well, trust in your heart, trust in life, trust in the moment and be that moment for just a second with love in the forefront of all – I share with you all my deepest love and know you are not alone in what you’re going through.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 99 – Knowing Yourself To Lead Your Life In The Best Way Possible

Exploring knowing yourself to lead your life in the best way possible; what it really means to know yourself in and out; how inner growth gets you to pursue this knowledge thoroughly and with heart; why the external is what gets you to go within; and how your complete knowing allows you to pursue the unimaginable in your life from all angles and always with your heart in the forefront, and unconditional love for others and the world around you.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 98 – Accepting Who You Are For You Makes Things A Lot Easier

Exploring how accepting who you are for you makes things a lot easier; why it makes a difference when you do it for you and only you; how inner growth gets you to go through the process in a way that awakens you to you, your heart, and bringing forth the same love and acceptance towards others; why this unique way of acceptance brings forth your unlimited potential and how it makes things a lot easier in life, every day and in all that you do.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 97 – Wisdom From The Heart Through Inner Growth

Exploring wisdom from the heart through inner growth; how to find your inner wisdom; why is wisdom from the heart different than just wisdom; how inner growth’s neutrality in duality plays a role in your heart-felt inner wisdom; how and why wisdom from the heart is always available to you, no matter what age; and why it is that only when you go deep within, you find the guidance you are seeking, and the opportunity for inner growth from the heart for the essence of you and its pursuit of complete expression from within and “without” (the external), achievement of inner and outer harmony and more.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 96 – Turning Struggles To Opportunities

Exploring turning struggles to opportunities; how inner growth puts you on this path; what’s the difference between staying in struggle or embracing opportunity; the transformation that takes place within and in your life; and why this is something you can do at any time and in any situation, as long as self-love and unconditional love for you and the world are present and important.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 95 – Never Giving Up Means You’ll Always Find A Way

Exploring how never giving up means you’ll always find a way; the challenges with these situations that call for never giving up; the reasons why you can uncover so much as you pursue this other way you’ll search for; how inner growth gets you to uncover an unlimited number of ways to never give up from within (your inner core, the essence of you, your heart) and in actions needed to bring forth that way in a tangible way; and why you want to keep ‘never giving up’ in the forefront of the options you have for anything you wish to pursue in life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 94 – Embracing What Makes You Different From The Depths Of You

Exploring embracing what makes you different from the depths of you; pursuing complete embracing of your differences from your heart; how to identify when you are still working on complete self-acceptance with love of your ‘being different’; what things can help you recognize if healing and self-love are still needed; and how inner growth gets you to pursue this discovery by getting you to focus within; to see the external with neutrality in duality, as that opportunity to grow thanks to the challenge(s) presented through the differences with you (your within, the essence of you, the non-tangible) and it; and to pursuit flow, unconditional love, and harmony with the unknown, which also play a role in completely embracing from the depths of you what makes you different.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 93 – The Heart Of The Matter Is What Connects Us

Exploring how the heart of the matter is what connects us; how it connects us to others that are completely different from ourselves; how it connects us to our inner core; in what ways it reveals the disconnect to others and/or our inner core; why inner growth leads you to gaining complete awareness of the heart of the matter in the moment; the difference it makes to your experiencing any situation, particularly conflicting situations with others; and how it allows you to continue to raise your consciousness, to expand your awakening to the power you hold for transformation, to the power of now, and to everything related to the heart of the matter in the essence of you and in your heart, in your life and in the world.