Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 167 – Moving Away From Arrogance That Renders You Blind

Exploring moving away from arrogance that renders you blind; how through inner growth you find your reasons for arrogance from the heart, raise your consciousness to your expanded options and potential thanks to going within to find answers and your ways of staying open from the heart, and move away from blinders through gained self-knowledge and awareness, through raising of perspective in consciousness in the moment; why it’s an inner dialogue from the heart and with your heart; one way that gets you to put things in perspective to ensure you see your blinders (instead of staying blinded); and the importance of self-love, forgiveness, and removal of self-judgment throughout the process.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 166 – Uncovering Your Inner Child Through Inner Growth

Exploring uncovering your inner child through inner growth; what this means for you and your quality of life; why this is something to take at heart and do with heart; how the innocence of your inner child will help you; and the amazing inner power and unconditional love that will grow as you allow your inner child to be present in your adult life from the heart, with your heart, and along the pursuit of expansion of the whole you (mind, heart, soul, human, etc.).

June 5D ascension energies – inner child, sacred wounds, wholeness, heart

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! For the month of June 5D ascension energies there’s a lot of new aspects to share. For all of us it’s always about adapting to the higher frequency, living from the heart, pursuing inner growth to uncover those deep layers of hidden things that were meant to resolve with unconditional love for self and the world. Those who are holding the 5D frequency to contribute to mother Earth’s transformation are also transmuting the energies (denser energies, hurts, wounds from the heart, etc.) for others and leading the way to our new society, one that leads from heart and with light, life and love in the forefront.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 165 – Working Through Sacred Wounds With Inner Growth

Exploring working through sacred wounds with inner growth; the different definitions of sacred wounds out there; how it’s important to find one’s own heart meaning for sacred wounds; what you can explore through inner growth when it comes to your sacred wounds from that human perspective; and how ultimately every sacred wound is what will connect you to your deepest gifts to share with yourself through the eyes of the heart and unconditional love, as well as with others in the world.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 164 – Finding Your Inner Motivation

Exploring finding your inner motivation; why inner growth helps you find it, expand it and tune out the external noises that say otherwise; the constructive ways external inputs can have in your pursuits, once your inner motivation is brought about solely by you; and how only you can define your motivation from the heart, your inner core, the essence of you; that is, only, if you finally give it the voice and recognition it should have for you (consciously and in your life).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 163 – Having The Confidence To Be You Without Heartache

Exploring having the confidence to be you without heartache; how inner growth gets you to grow confidence from within; what it means to work through heartache with love and why it makes a huge difference to your confidence levels and having confidence ongoingly from within; the harmony that comes from your inner explorations thanks to inner growth and the external’s inputs as you deal with having confidence to be you and heartache that can arise for different reasons; and why achieving this level of confidence with love in your heart for self and all (humanity) gets you to become your higher potential in your every day actions, thoughts, goals, and overall life experiences.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 162 – The Self-Empowerment That Comes From Having Nothing To Prove

Exploring the self-empowerment that comes from having nothing to prove; how to explore these situations when they’re taking place; why going within and understanding all that is part of this moment leads to self-empowerment; and how through inner growth you always move towards this type of self-empowerment.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 161 – Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

Exploring getting to the heart of the matter; how inner growth is all about getting to your heart on all matters in your day-to-day, life, goals, everything that is part of your life experience; why this in-depth inner knowledge is what leads to self-mastery and leadership; how it guides you to raising your consciousness from the heart, to expand the essence of you, and bring forth your unique voice from the heart to the world through all that you say and do; and how this amazing inner heart exploration leads you to the quality of life you want every day.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 160 – How To Make The Best Of Everything

Exploring how to make the best of everything; why finding the best in any situation doesn’t mean ignoring the worst components; and how inner growth brings you to explore these situations with neutrality, to awaken to your inner core and heart, ascend and raise you consciousness to the lessons behind the situations at hand, and acknowledging the choice you have between giving meaning to something, the inner power you hold for your life and everything that takes place in it.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 159 – Staying Grounded While Also Pursuing Your Dreams

Exploring staying grounded while also pursuing your dreams; how this journey can begin since a very young age or once we get older; why inner growth gets you to achieve grounding and your dreams in a way that brings forth the full expression of your inner core and heart; what difference you find in pursing your dreams while you stay in balance with the world around you; and why it’s only with heart towards self and others that the complete harmony brings forth the manifestation of that dream in a way that fits the good of all.