Inner Growth Thought of The Day 284 – Trust In The Natural Flow Of Life

Trusting in the natural flow of life is something that uplifts you in those moments where most would be weighed down. This trust comes in time and through your inner exploration, as well as pursuit of what your inner core tells you is your harmonious path.


October new moon energies and 5D ascension October transmissions

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

Even though a day after the new moon in October, I’m thinking you will still benefit from a bit of sharing on these great and challenging ascension times with the new moon and October’s overall 5D ascension energies (coming in more and more).

The new moon of October and overall energies this month are bringing forth another wave of experiences to help us let go of that which is holding us back from shining brighter and brighter and fulfilling our highest potential and ascent.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 282 – Facing Obstacles and Challenges Through Inner Growth

When facing obstacles and challenges through inner growth you start finding the hidden lessons these events hold for you. As you begin this process of gaining knowledge from these moments, you transform them (the obstacles and challenges) into opportunities and positives that add to your inner growth journey.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 281 – Going Beyond What You Can See

Going beyond what you can see means expanding your inner growth journey to include familiarity and knowledge of your senses and their meanings (in addition to those “physical”/human components to you know of thanks to pursuing inner growth).

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 279 – Life Events Through Inner Growth

As you live life and different life events through inner growth, you are able to decipher your filters and inner core’s messages (in due time). As you learn from these events you bring the best of you forward, find synergy, and apply all that you acquire in future moments; always adding to your person, knowledge, and life moments.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 278 – Acceptance From The Heart

Acceptance from the heart means taking situations, relationships, life events and anything that you encounter along your day-to-day that throws you off your game and looking within to find out what exactly is affecting you so that you may come to peace with it from the heart in your own unique way.