Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 13 – Mindset Is Everything When Things Happen

Exploring how mindset is everything when things happen; what this means and how the inner growth mindset and journey get you to embark on a path that explores the things that happen in a way that completely revolutionizes and changes your reality from within, but also from without (in your outer world, day-to-day, everything you experience, etc.); what ways mindset allows you to grow and pursue your higher infinite potential by tapping in to your higher consciousness and being awakened to heart in every situation; why unconditional love and acceptance of the external as is play a role in the mindset and journey; and how the essence of you and you being able to raise your consciousness to heart and mind to decipher that essence in “human” (practical, applicable) terms with you as your guide from within at the heart is what takes place every time something new, unexpected, unwanted, and/or other type of life event happens.

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 12 – Being A Free Spirit In A World With Boxes and Checklists

Exploring being a free spirit in a world with boxes and checklists; how the two co-exist when in an inner growth mindset and on an inner growth journey; what opportunities lie behind the boxes and checklists when you go to mind and heart to explore them from your higher consciousness and awakened to heart; why the way we speak and teach (guide, advise, interact, etc.) have an impact and can be reworked from within to bring forth something new and in pursuit of growth for you and all (to tap in to the higher infinite human potential); and how it is once your spirit is free to be who it is in the world with its boxes and checklists.

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 11 – Forgiving Yourself For Something You Did

Exploring forgiving yourself for something you did; why forgiveness is key to unconditional love for self and others; how understanding and keeping in mind the state of awareness and consciousness present in the moments is essential; how the inner growth journey and mindset help you to go beyond and use any moment as something to bring forth and grow your infinite human potential and unconditionally loving heart; and why everything you do can be turned around if only you allow yourself to let go and move forward with love in your heart and mind, ready to continue on trying to do amazing loving things that add to your quality of life, the world, your day-to-day, and more.

January 5D ascension energies full moon lunar eclipse

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! I hope the new year has began well so far; and even though we talked about some of what was to come for the beginning of the year, that the emotional whirlwind you’re possibly experiencing from a couple days (to three days) prior and/or after the full moon of today (January 10, 2020) and lunar eclipse 5d ascension energies (January 10-11, 2020) are not too, too “rough”; or more than anything, that you’re allowing the processing of the 5d ascension energies to be experienced with love and light so that they can flow through you, be learnt consciously to the extent that you’re aware, and that you’re ready to bring them forth from within and without (inner world and outer world).

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 10 – Making Something Out Of Nothing

Exploring making something out of nothing; how your heart always guides you to what you can make that is in harmony within you, the world, and always in the most loving way; the importance of unconditional love as you persevere in your heart-felt creations; the example and story of the inner growth’s journey and mindset creation; and why the way you look at something and nothing makes a difference; and how seeing through the eyes of inner growth will always reveal to you the things that you are creating and the infinite potential you hold to bring forth more if you’d like (always with the foundation of unconditional love).

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 9 – How To Use What You Know To Go Beyond

Exploring how to use what you know to go beyond; the inner and outer knowledge that you have at your disposal for any and all things you face or that come your way unexpectedly in life; how the inner growth journey and mindset assist you to always use this knowledge to go beyond, pursue expansion, and lead with heart and love in the forefront; and why going beyond with knowledge affects your life in all areas.

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 8 – Breaking Free From Limits To Your Potential

Exploring breaking free from limits to your potential; breaking free from limiting beliefs to your infinite higher human potential; how an inner growth journey and mindset help; what external situations you can raise your consciousness to; why your heart and mind are key, and your heart being your guide; the different ways this inner exploration takes place as you seek harmony from within (thought and emotional exploration) with without (the external); and why the unknown is always part of the equation too, as well as the physiological components.

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 7 – Why There’s A Time and Place For Everything

Exploring why there’s a time and place for everything; what ways your inner world takes part in the conversation of there being a time and place with your thought process and the emotions that come by; why inner growth as a journey and mindset brings added benefits to your life as you experience the wait for that outcome of what you know has a time and place that is not now per se; how your heart and mind self-empower you with a time and place instead of the opposite; and in what ways the feelings of non-flow, as well as inner conflict, arise the opportunities for flow and inner growth that are what transforms being in a place of awareness and raised state of consciousness to there being a time and place for everything.

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 6 – How To Pursue Achievements and Success For The Long-Run

Exploring how to pursue achievements and success for the long-run; how inner growth applies to this process and through the journey and mindset you get to expand, contemplate, decide on, transform, and so on, regarding the long-run part of it, as well as having patience and/or why impatience is part of the equation as well; looking at different areas where achievement and success of that achievement play a role within one’s infinite human potential to raise their consciousness to the higher consciousness that enables heart and mind conversation from within, bringing forth the essence of you, and elaborating on the human elements, as well as other external components, including the physiological ones, to pursuing the achievements you have in mind with inner growth when conflict and/or challenges arise, as well as with the success at the forefront for the long-run from the heart and mind of the essence of you, in harmony with the external of you.

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 5 – Realizing You Can Have The Quality Of Life You’ve Always Wanted

Exploring realizing you can have the quality of life you’ve always wanted; why you’ve technically always had the quality of life you aimed for and how inner growth gets you to realize this in a way that enables you to bring your heart into the picture full on, not only with growth of self-love, understanding of things that have taken place, and making the best of it all to lead you forth with power and love, but also in a way that redefines from your inner world (heart and mind, the essence of you, and all that you hold dear and near to your heart for your life, etc.) into your outer world the quality of life you want through the actions you take, the words you speak, the feelings you feel, the person you are, and so on.