Inner Growth Word of The Day 205 – Active

A look at the things you’re most active with in your day-to-day and the passions you pursue through your being active allow you to be aware of the level of energy and enthusiasm you hold for each task. With this awareness you pursue inner growth as you look to do more of what you’re active in and less of that which doesn’t bring about the same level of energy required to be active.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 204 – Stifle

Those instances where you, someone or something stifled your inner growth or is actively stifling you from pursuing something are instances worth exploring so that you can remove those blocks, those deterrents, from your life. This process allows you to remove personal blocks that cause you to stifle yourself from saying or doing something and if it’s a situation or person who is stopping you from moving forward you can actively decide what you want to do about it. In both instances inner growth takes place as you become fully aware of that which is stifling you and then decide how you are going to manage it so that you may move forward.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 203 – Exploration

Inner growth takes place thanks to the inclination of exploration by you into matters that are a part of who you are and how you are. With exploration being a part of every aspect that comes to be in your life, you have an array of opportunities to transform and grow as you uncover the deeper aspects of you in relation to those life events.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 202 – Freedom

Exploring how freedom plays a role in your life and your feelings about it brings you to understand how you feel about the society and world that surrounds you. As you ponder these aspects you pursue inner growth thanks to the gained knowledge and actions you can take.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 201 – Stagnant

Anything that you work on or think about that becomes stagnant (at some point in time) can tell you something more about you and bring about inner growth through that knowledge of why things came to a stop and/or if you truly want to pursue this thing or thought because it is a part of who you are.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 200 – In-depth

An in-depth exploration of anything brings about inner growth since going deep below the surface and through the different layers that are a part of something or someone is enlightening, as well as ongoing. Through this thorough look there are bound to be notions acquired, transformations in the works, and personal insights that weren’t so easily seen when looking on the surface.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 199 – Group

A look at how you approach a group mentality and the groups you’ve created in time can share insights into individual characteristics and values that you may share with others. It can also help you identify those characteristics about yourself that come out in a group setting. This awareness you gain as you contemplate such things furthers your inner growth because you get to know yourself more through those groups and you can also work on things you may want to transform.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 198 – Chaotic

A chaotic situation can take place in your life, but also within you; in both circumstances taking a look at how you react and what you do in these situations can give you insight into emotional responses or fears you have, it can also help you gain a state of calm to help you in the future with these types of situations. Through this exploration inner growth takes place as transformation and awareness step in on your relationship with anything chaotic (inside and outside).

Inner Growth Word of The Day 197 – Career

A look at the career path you’ve embarked on and continue to pursue as the years go by bring about inner growth as you look within to ensure there’s synchronicity between your active choices and your inner compass. If there’s a disconnect, this exploration also brings you to decide with awareness that which you want to continue pursuing in your life through your career.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 196 – Follower

Noticing those areas where you are a follower in behavior and/or thought brings you to ask yourself why and understand why. This process leads to inner growth since it allows you to either acquire that behavior and/or thought process completely and truly because it resonates with you or decide to drop it with the knowledge that it was never yours to begin with.