Overcoming that heavy feeling that weighs you down

One of the feelings people talk about when they’re going through one of those really tough moments in life is that heavy feeling that weighs you down. So, how can someone make that moment better? And how can someone work on overcoming it in the long run?

Inner Growth Word of The Day 39 – Flexibility

Flexibility can serve your inner growth by revealing those things, ideas, people, and so on, that you hold on to versus the opposite (the things you’re more open to). This allows you to explore both inclinations and identify if there is a deeper meaning and reason for why you’re more flexible towards some things or people versus others.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 35 – Habit

Habits create an inclination towards an expected or desired outcome for situations and patterns of thought. Recognizing these habits, while staying open to what is happening opposite of what we’re used to or expect is how we make room to see beyond our own patterns of thought and behavior; how we pursue inner growth.