Inner Growth Word of The Day 97 – Identify

Looking into how and who you identify with is one way you start exploring how you see yourself, which leads to inner growth because from this exploration, you move to finding your own true identity and move away from one that is based on another person or group.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 96 – Impossible

A look at the things that you deem impossible or even a look at what type of mindset you have, so are you inclined towards seeing things as impossible, helps you to understand your fears or obstacles, your thoughts and preset judgements on yourself and the likelihood or not of the unfolding of something specific. All this exploration brings to inner growth by creating awareness and the opportunity for you to face those “impossible” things that might just not be that impossible.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 95 – Passive

Understanding the reasons for you being passive, whether just sometimes or always, brings you to accept the decision to continue in such a way or resolve the reasons for your passiveness. Inner growth takes place thanks to your increased self-awareness on being passive, and your acceptance or active transformation to bring about changes that are in tune with your heart (around passiveness).

Inner Growth Word of The Day 94 – Proactive

Exploring your proactive or lack of proactive behavior and actions leads you to understand the root reason for your proactivity. This is important from the aspect of a sense of or need of control, as well as taking responsibility for choices and life direction. You can dive into these aspects by taking a look at your proactive or not proactive nature and in doing so pursue inner growth for yourself through awareness and acceptance of you or changes that will bring you where you want to be.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 93 – Giving

Everyone is giving in one way or another, exploring when and why you are giving allows you to arrive at the root of your reasons for giving. This is important for inner growth because sometimes we are giving, but we are giving because we want something in return (even if that something is an expectation). In these instances, an individual who is looking to grow will understand that the act of giving with any type of return expected is not giving in the true sense of giving. At the same time, even if the reasons found for giving are not in tune with the true nature of giving, someone can choose to accept themselves as is and this still brings about inner growth because a higher level of self-awareness has been established between one’s self.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 92 – Stereotypes

Stereotypes help inner growth when they are put into question by you; whether you are the one applying them or they are being applied to you. Exploring preconceived notions to understand if they are truly felt within or something you really believe in, and reflecting on how you feel when stereotypes are applied to you; are some of the things that take place during this line of questioning and will lead to growth (whether through change or a higher level of self-awareness).

Inner Growth Word of The Day 91 – Self-awareness

Inner growth requires a minimum of self-awareness, for without it this would mean the person isn’t looking within or to uncover more about themselves. The more self-awareness you pursue as you live your day to day, the more opportunities for inner growth you will find along the way.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 90 – Sad

If something is sad you have the chance to dive into that something and understand if you’re defining it as sad because you feel sadness or if it’s because others have defined this something as sad. There can be a distinction between what you feel and what you’re dealing with as actually being sad. Uncovering that this something doesn’t make you sad leads to inner growth as you get the opportunity to change your definition of this something into what you’re actually feeling.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 89 – Silence

Silence can help inner growth as it is a moment where everything is quiet. This absence of noise gives you the opportunity to have some time with your thoughts and yourself. It is in moments like these that you can explore things that have happened to you, feelings that you’re feeling, even the feelings that arise from being surrounded by silence. Contemplation always leads to a next step, and then another, and another. These silent moments give you plenty to reflect upon and the necessary time to decide on the actions you’ll take next.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 88 – Upset

Becoming aware about the things that upset you allows you to explore each of those things from the inside-out, meaning you look within to understand why you get upset. This brings about inner growth from a self-awareness standpoint, as well as giving you the possibility to take action to change patterns you’re not necessarily happy about.