Inner Growth Word of The Day 6 – Desire

When desire is at its highest the drive to do more is too. It can lead you to a feeling of euphoria and hope when acting to achieve your desires.

The truth about inconsistency and being inconsistent

Life is a gift - photo by FNM

Inconsistency means not following through with something and there’s always a reason behind this decision, whether conscious or unconscious. It’s ok to not want something and to not follow through with it, but it would be good if inconsistent people would bring to their awareness that it is ok. It would make their life so much easier and it would probably also stop them from being so inconsistent.

Handling frustration to avoid letting it handle you

Life throws us plenty of curve balls and depending on what they are, each person will react differently. If you’re someone who explores those reactions, those feelings that arise from each situation; then you’re also someone who notices how each affects your day to day. This is also why you’re looking for alternatives on managing certain feelings, the ones that take away from you and make you unfocused, even unmotivated. Frustration is one of those feelings.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 3 – Selfishness

Whether you’ve experienced or performed an act of selfishness the thought process to pursue inner growth is one where you remove judgement and/or the negative connotation attributed to selfishness. This allows you to remove hurt and tainted opinions…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 1 – Inner Growth

Inner growth is the pursuit of expanding one’s awareness of one’s self, bringing about self-discovery that can lead to self-completion and/or mental transformation to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life, one with a learning mindset that is always curious and looks at the world as a child who discovers something new every day.

Idolizing the accomplishments of others holds a hidden message

Have you ever thought about the hidden message behind the inclination for people to give more importance and value to what someone else does than what they do? The habit of idolizing the accomplishments of others, but deeming their own ordinary or filled with imperfections?