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Personalization isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible

Personalization, everyone talks about it, but how many actually put it into practice? As a marketer and consumer, I have seen different levels of personalization. With colleagues we’re always exchanging ideas on best practice, while as a consumer I get email after email or message after message that is slightly personalized sometimes, but seriously not personalized at all.


Why resistance to change is such a big deal

You don’t meet someone and immediately tell them they need to be friends with you. The same way you don’t do that, you don’t tell someone who you just connected with on social that they need your services. There is no logic behind such an approach, yet a number of professionals and businesses do that.

When businesses really care about building relationships or the opposite

It’s safe to say that people engage in relationships with people they resonate with or have a good feeling about. For those who have relationships with people that don’t make them feel good or that they don’t like is another topic in itself; but self-worth and gaining something from the relationship are two thoughts that come to mind.

What’s the deal with lack of authenticity by business owners and marketers

inspiring human potential

Authenticity, we all talk about it or at least there’s a lot of chatter on the topic within the online marketing and entrepreneurial space, but I wonder the different interpretations and reactions there are around it. The question arises from the fact that the world is a very subjective place, and rightly so.

When first impressions take precedence over depth

Question: how many of you read the social media posts you share?  Follow up question, how much time do you have to read all the online articles that cross your path throughout the day as you browse your social media networks? I just finished my guest blog for Leaderswest where I took a look at

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