Day: June 8, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 160 – Finding Your Secret Weapon

The star of today’s topic is one of our Inspiring Human Potential blog and podcast – Inner Growth Inspirational “Transformational Entrepreneur – Be Yourself” Stories. You get to hear from Luca about their entrepreneurial journey and “being yourself” along the way, and finding your secret weapon(s) for your success; and then continue with the topic with inner growth and tapping into your higher infinite human potential.

Luca’s Inspiring Human Potential Inner Growth Inspirational “Transformational Entrepreneur – Be Yourself” Story – Finding Your Secret Weapon

In an effort to continue inspiring the higher infinite human potential of our lovely world and IHP community, the “Be Yourself” Inspirational Story Series has expanded to include Transformational Entrepreneur Stories of entrepreneurs inspiring, making a difference, demonstrating transformational leadership and unconditional love, and more. Here is one of those amazing individuals, having the courage to be who they are and finding success in their entrepreneurial ventures thanks to being themselves, following their heart and their heart alone with passion for what they do and a drive that leads them to make a difference, a positive and loving impact, in the world and for generations to come.