Day: June 5, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 157 – Getting Clear On Where You Stand

Exploring getting clear on where you stand; what difference it makes to your life; how inner growth expands this practice to all that is you from within; and why once you get clear your path to mind and heart flow, inner harmony, and more gets smoother on all levels.

June 5D ascension energies full moon eclipse

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Once more we are headed to amazing places, and once again with some turbulence for those who have things to shed, 3d energy, and more synching up with your lovely 5d hearts and minds.  It isn’t about us all thinking the same as the enlightened lightworker knows, it is about us all coming together with love and understanding of the life that is with life: diversity, being human which means vulnerability, fears, unknowns, and more, and simply all having a heart that wants to pursue the unconditionally loving dreams that you all held as children and that your essence still holds to and wants to bring forth.