Day: April 21, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 112 – The Beauty Of Moving Beyond The Battle

Exploring the beauty of moving beyond the battle and if anything, choosing the battle of unconditional love for self and all; how moving beyond the battle from within with the external sets you on a path of infinite potential that your inner world expresses through mind and heart; how an inner growth journey and mindset help you achieve this amazing you from the heart and mind every day in all you do, work toward, and pursue as a person; why recognizing the battle every human being goes through on different levels as an individual and a group is what opens your heart and mind further to the infinite potential of life with the unknown elements as well; and how moving beyond the battle allows you to choose what you want to leave behind in the world, the love and life you represent through your heart and mind as a human with kindness, understanding, hope, and something new that always chooses to transform any battle, conflict, to growth in favor of life and love for all.