Day: April 18, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 109 – Using Topics To Unite People versus Divide Them

Exploring using topics to unite people versus divide them; why this is possible through an inner growth journey and mindset; how it’s an individual and societal choice; what we see at the moment, and what new thought is rising from those in higher states of consciousness, neutrality in duality, unconditional love, and the conscious living and mindfulness space; and why those who are tapped into their infinite human potential are the ones leading the way to this.

Lightworkers unite people on all topics with unconditional love and light

Dear Lightworkers, The journey to light is being light at all times from every inch of you. It’s not just the heart and mind, your essence and soul, the human you, the unique spark of you, it is all of you and every step you take as you share life with others on the planet. Anything that is unkind, judgmental, divisive, all that ultimately leads to continued divide, separation and unacceptance of differences is not being a lightworker for humanity and the planet as a whole. The light becomes segmented into the focuses limited to a state of consciousness that stays in duality because it does not move to embrace neutrality in duality. On today’s Inspiring Human Potential podcast episode (Using Topics To Unite People versus Divide Them), I share why this is, which in one word is darkness-unknown-not able to know today for the mind that is in every human body, which is every lightworker.