Day: April 16, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 107 – Making Information Yours To Use It For Your Unique Spark

Exploring making information yours to use it for your unique spark; what this means; how it’s about open mind and open heart to all information; sharing some personal experiences to give different examples of how the process takes place with inner growth in mind and unconditional love; what the infinite human potential of you has to do with making information your own; how neutrality in duality, opposites coexisting, complete self-empowerment and ownership of what is yours as a human plays a part in making information yours; and the importance of taking in information with focus on flow in harmony from within you (inner world, essence of you, etc.), so with your heart and mind in complete synergy with love for life, absence of fear of the unknown and unexpected, and more, when taking in any and all the information at hand.