Day: March 21, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 81 – Consistently Choosing Who Decides For Your Life

Exploring consistently choosing who decides for your life; how to work through the process by keeping in mind the inner harmony of your mind and heart as indicators of the way that leads to more for your life from within and without (the external); why it’s such a challenge to persevere down this path, but how to use the challenges in your favor through inner growth and your heart with unconditional love in the forefront; why it’s not about focusing on others or the external, but instead it’s completely an inner process; and in what ways raising your consciousness to your cosmic consciousness keeps you growing self-empowerment and flow with your decisions every time more.

March 5D ascension energies collective shift love and light

What's Your Journey Inspiring Human Potential luna12780

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As I’m sure you are aware, March has been full of 5d ascension energies. They are rocking our world in a way that is meant to allow fear to be released from our hearts, both individually in our lives, as well as collectively, in our society.