Day: March 18, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 78 – The Hidden Gems Of Perseverance With Consistency

Exploring the hidden gems of perseverance with consistency; how the gems differ depending on where you are with your inner knowing of you from within, from heart and mind and the infinite higher human potential of you; why it’s not about what is outside of you that perseverance with consistency comes, but it is what’s inside of you; how you become aware of this through an inner growth journey and mindset; what amazing journey it is when you start to see how perseverance with consistency changes your life from the heart and mind, but also from the outside; and in what ways you are already consistently persevering on what your heart holds to be true (and that your cosmic consciousness mind gets to explore once you raise your consciousness to your higher consciousness to do this inner heart dive thanks to your inner growth pursuit).