Day: March 12, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 72 – Let The Pieces Fall While Trusting Your Intuition

Exploring letting the pieces fall while trusting your intuition; the long-term process of trusting your intuition alongside working with the pieces that come together in time of the “puzzles” of life that you are dealing with from within and in day-to-day life; how inner growth assists you with gaining the trust in your intuition, while also the flow with the pieces you have a visual on and pieces you sense are missing; the interesting dynamic that plays out as you go through the process of trusting your intuition and being able to assemble the pieces you have a visual on in a way that leaves you comfortable in the unknown elements of life piece of it; and how the ongoing collaboration with your inner world, the outer world, your mind and heart communication, and you leading from within, from the heart, bring forth a completely different experience with pieces to the puzzle of your unique life and inner growth journey and mindset.