Day: February 28, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 59 – Vulnerability and Relationships

Exploring the in-depth journey of vulnerability with one’s self and relationships; how important it is to be in complete awareness of one’s own vulnerabilities, which means getting in touch completely with one’s emotional world, inner world and all the feelings that take place; the challenge with complete vulnerability with one’s self, let alone with others; how the inner growth journey and mindset assist on this journey in moments of vulnerability or encounter of exchange with vulnerability; why empaths and highly sensitive people deal with double the vulnerability, and how to deal with this from a place of inner growth, unconditional love, neutrality, and understanding; and why if you keep in mind the complex journey it is for yourself to be vulnerable with your own self (from the mind and heart), you may be more aware and understanding when the challenges of vulnerability arise within any and all relationships, which is what’s going to help you to go beyond in a loving and helpful way for yourself and others.