Day: February 22, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 53 – The Beauty Of Humanity and Emotions

Exploring the beauty of humanity and emotions; how an inner growth journey and mindset bring you to expand your inner and outer knowledge from the heart and mind on your emotions and humanity’s emotions; what this does to the beauty that you already see in humanity and the infinite higher potential ahead; why the emotions that are felt in different life experiences need the time to be understand from within you, from the essence and heart of you, and the mind of you; what important role the mind, the human elements, and cosmic consciousness have in this contemplative and interactive inner growth experience with the emotional areas of being human; how unconditional love and neutrality are fundamental to taking conscious ownership of your inner world, with a shift in focus and complete awareness of the infinite expansion that takes place when you embark on this inner journey from the heart and higher consciousness; the inner power and self-empowerment that comes when you are connected to your emotional world completely from the depths of your heart and mind, with the human elements in the forefront, the essence of you, the unknowns of life, and all that you encounter as you go about your life alongside humanity; how the mind, the thoughts you think and the subconscious and unconscious are also a part of this in-depth connection you make with your emotions and those of others; and why the array of emotions in the world are so important and amazing to experience from within as you co-exist and live with others.