Day: February 13, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 44 – The Endless Search For Truth

Exploring the endless search for truth; how there are many different truths for each person and why it’s important to uncover the depths of yours; what difference there is between using your time to prove your truth versus exploring it through an inner growth journey and mindset; what you can find out as you search your inner truths from the heart and stand by them from within, heart and mind; why it is through collaboration and unconditional love that truths can be brought to light in a way that shares with others and adds to life, instead of imposes on others or life; how the unknown components of life are always a part of the truths every person seeks and finds; and why one finds their inner guidance system (heart and mind) as their light and clam throughout this endless search of truth; as a human who thinks, feels, grows, expands, and reaches the infinite human potential that comes from deep within every person as they raise their consciousness and shift their focus to the inner world and the connection to the truths at hand (in any given moment).