Day: February 10, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 41 – Life Is Not That Hard When You Trust In You

Exploring how life is not that hard when you trust in you; how to grow inner trust through the inner growth journey and mindset, alongside unconditional love towards self and the external; why unconditional love is a necessary component to grow true trust in you and what trust is built in the absence of love instead; how neutrality in duality also plays a role in the trust in you that you grow, explore, and apply to life situations, particularly challenging ones; and how transforming inner trust through inner growth, with mind and heart harmony, with the connection of your inner world to the external world, inner harmony and unconditional love for all of life’s events as a potential you choose by raising your consciousness to your inner world, how all of this and more leads you to embracing life in all of its moments as the opportunity to tap in to your infinite higher human potential from a place of inner trust, outer trust, and life trust that is always in a place of openness (heart and mind) and learning when life takes its course.