Day: February 8, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 39 – Taking Time To Work Things Through From Within

Exploring how taking time to work things through from within is of great benefit to your quality of life; in what ways inner growth gets you to naturally do this and go from journey to mindset with your inner mind and heart conversations/contemplations on things that come your way; what makes going within to work through something so important and impactful; why it is only from within that you grow self-empowerment and self-leadership for the long-run and that leads you to have inner harmony and centeredness consistently; and how the unknowns of life and unwanted events, and any inner conflict or struggle, and so on, get you to choose inner growth, unconditional love from within for you and the world, and the way to tap in to more of your infinite human potential as you pursue inner harmony with what things take place outside of you.

February 5D ascension energies full moon supermoon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As you are probably aware our next full moon is coming up on February 9, 2020 (even though it will appear full all weekend, from about Friday evening to Monday morning).  It’s a supermoon because the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth at the same time the moon is full and

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