Day: January 13, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 13 – Mindset Is Everything When Things Happen

Exploring how mindset is everything when things happen; what this means and how the inner growth mindset and journey get you to embark on a path that explores the things that happen in a way that completely revolutionizes and changes your reality from within, but also from without (in your outer world, day-to-day, everything you experience, etc.); what ways mindset allows you to grow and pursue your higher infinite potential by tapping in to your higher consciousness and being awakened to heart in every situation; why unconditional love and acceptance of the external as is play a role in the mindset and journey; and how the essence of you and you being able to raise your consciousness to heart and mind to decipher that essence in “human” (practical, applicable) terms with you as your guide from within at the heart is what takes place every time something new, unexpected, unwanted, and/or other type of life event happens.