Day: January 1, 2020

Inner Growth Mindset Insight of The Day 1 – Embracing Continuous Transformation Through The Inner Growth Mindset

Exploring embracing continuous transformation through the inner growth mindset; how we’re going to be taking a look at applying this mindset to continuous transformation and more throughout the year; how that’s going to be done on the IHP blog and website, as well as what new inner growth content you will see and why; then we dive in to the reason for continuous transformation resistance, from an initial reaction to one that involves raising your consciousness and shifting your awareness within; we look at you having the possibility of opening your heart and mind in the most self-empowering way thanks to an inner growth mindset approach to the reaction, which will then allow you to pursue knowledge with an open heart way, which changes everything, and which allows the awakening of your inner knowing of the infinite potential that you are as a “regular” human; we also explore why this isn’t something that is always brought to the forefront of you, and much, much more.