Month: December 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 338 – The Importance Of Self and Having A Sense Of Purpose Or Direction From Within

Exploring the importance of self and having a sense of purpose or direction from within; the external’s role with identifying the self and a sense of purpose or direction initially; how heart is what guides you to your true self, to your sense of purpose or direction and to unconditional love for all, including the external; why inner conflict is the opportunity for identifying where the self and sense of purpose or direction need attention and love, and the opportunity for inner growth to be what comes of the situation; and how raising your consciousness to self and a sense of purpose or direction with your heart and mind, the human elements and the external gives you access to the information you can build from, expand, and grow your infinite potential from.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 337 – There Can Never Be Too Much Thought and Emotion

Exploring how there can never be too much thought and emotion; why instead of thinking it’s too much, you want to work with your thoughts and emotions; how there isn’t only one way to do it; why what comes natural to you is how you want to process and work with yourself; how the inner growth journey and mindset help with that, as does raising your consciousness to heart and mind do; and some funny personal shares to give you examples of working through thinking and feeling “too much”.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 336 – Claiming Your Inner Power With Unconditional Love

Exploring claiming your inner power with unconditional love; why only through unconditional love can you truly take ownership of your inner power; how inner growth as a journey and mindset enables you to navigate inner conflict with love in your heart, to see the opportunity of inner growth behind the uncomfortable place that inner conflict brings; and gets you to explore the human elements of you and life, the essence of you and life, through which you uncover your infinite potential, and your true inner power – your mind and heart communication through a raising of consciousness to them and to the layers of you (conscious, subconscious, unconscious) and bringing forth a union of all to find your inner harmony with it all, which brings forth your inner power completely with unconditional love for self and the external; also how people will always bring forth opportunities for you to continue claiming your inner power with unconditional love in the forefront as you live life with inner growth as the opportunity behind any inner conflict (uncomfortable place from the heart that you choose to explore with your mind and heart and find the harmony from within you and only you – claiming your inner power once more with love at the head of it all).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 335 – You Are Much More Than Just Your Work

Exploring how you are much more than just your work; why your job doesn’t have to define you, but you can define it; what happens when you put your self-worth and self-definition in your work and not the other way around; how inner growth, unconditional love, and raising your consciousness to you, the essence and heart of you, allow you to see this option and truth that you are and always will be, so much more than just your job.