Day: December 27, 2019

December 5D ascension energies new moon solar eclipse

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As the end of the year comes to a close, we have yet another amazing light energy 5d ascension event that was going to be a new moon, but instead we get a lovely solar eclipse. I had been quite busy to write about the event beforehand, but I feel most people will have been just as busy with the day-to-day holiday celebrations. However, for anyone experiencing this moment of heightened energy, here are some of the things you may be experiencing, feeling, and/or going through…

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 361 – The Only Person Who Can Stand In The Way Of Your Success Is You

Exploring how the only person who can stand in the way of your success is you; why that is and how acknowledging the human elements, the inner self (the essence of you), your opportunity for inner growth and the presence of unconditional love will all transform that success to a win-win for your inner world and outer world in a consistent ever-evolving inner harmony, raising of consciousness to your higher consciousness, to your heart and mind collaboration, and infinite higher potential as a human being in your life everyday more tangibly and emotionally; and why humanly speaking, you’ve always known this, even if unconsciously from deep within you at the heart (the essence of you).