Day: December 23, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 357 – Being Self-Aware To Make Your Dreams Come True

Exploring being self-aware to make your dreams come true; how it should include the essence of you, not only a set of skills; why realistically speaking self-awareness is something everybody has, and how it’s the level of in-depth knowing that varies depending on the raising of consciousness to your mind and heart connection, the essence of you, the heart of you, the life essence you are, alongside interacting with and being a part of the external world, the human elements and all that is outside of you; why inner growth gets you to become aware of the inner world in your self-awareness; and how this gets you to not only make your dreams come true by pursuing them with inner harmony, love and excitement, but also allows you to bring forth and be your infinite human potential, heart and mind, and share that in realistic and practical ways with the external world you live in and are a part of in life.