Day: December 22, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 356 – How To Use ‘Why’ To Grow Self-Empowerment

Exploring how to use ‘why’ to grow self-empowerment; self-empowerment from within and using ‘why’ to initiate a heart-mind exploration that expands on the possibilities of your answers to a ‘why’; how inner growth gets you to bring forth the transformation of your ‘why’ with the human elements, the essence of you, and the opportunity for inner harmony when faced with inner conflict; how the unknown, control and not control in life, opposites, duality and neutrality are also at play with self-empowerment and the use of ‘why’; and what amazing solutions you can come up with when you are in a place of self-empowerment from within thanks to the heart and mind in a growing and positive mindset when asking ‘why’.