Day: December 18, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 352 – “Be Yourself” short story – The Key Is Always You

A bit of intro on the Inspiring Human Potential blog and podcast “Be Yourself” story series; sharing my “Be Yourself” short story to inspire from the heart, and expand on some different ways of pursuing inner growth and leading with heart that I’ve personally gone through; how and why the key is always you from the heart with unconditional love for self and life; the human elements and depth to the journey to the essence of you, of trying to simply be you from the unique heart and mind of you in a way that is loving and respectful toward self, others, and the unknowns in life; and how it is really a forever journey, in a way that is growing from the mind and heart by being yourself, with nothing but awe and excitement at the new lessons that await you along the way.