Day: December 17, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 351 – No One Can Make You Believe In Anything

Exploring how no one can make you believe in anything; how your belief is something that begins with the external, but perseveres from the internal, that is, within you, at the heart level, from the depths of you; how there are those who say you don’t believe anything yourself in essence, but why that doesn’t really matter, depending on what you believe or don’t believe; how this believing and not believing is something that will always leave anyone wondering, until the decision from the heart, their own heart, on what they believe or don’t believe is made; and how the inner growth journey and mindset get you to go within and use the human elements and the essence of you to pursue a learning and inner-centering path/course when it comes to life matters, important emotional and conflicting matters, and day-to-day situations that are essentially dealing with a belief that you’re not settled on quite yet from within you (with the entirety of you – mind and heart).