Day: December 16, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 350 – Everything Begins With A Thought

Exploring how everything begins with a thought; how you are the puppeteer of your thoughts or better said, the master and transformer of them; how the foundation/starting point of your thoughts begins with the human elements provided by the external and how they are ever-evolving depending on when you consciously acknowledge that your thoughts come from your mind connecting the dots and therefore can be worked with, expanded on, re-elaborated, and transformed; why your feelings/emotions are important in this acknowledgement and thought process transformation, this open-ended evolution, ascension, awakening to heart and consciousness; how your heart always leads the way, but can only come forth in its infinite loving potential if you raise your consciousness to the connection of your thoughts and heart from within you; why there’s always the need of you to shift your awareness and focus to within to see and grow your inner power through growing your mind and heart talk while working with the external that is a part of life; and how this inner growth journey is ever-evolving for as long as new thoughts begin and end from within you with love in your heart for life, learning, growing, expanding the human elements of you and the essence of you, and more.