Day: December 8, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 342 – A Break From The Heart To Focus On The Brain

Taking a break from the heart to focus on the brain; exploring information on the physiological aspects of our brains with our behaviors in life, thoughts, defense mechanisms, the whole idea of “evil” and humanity, why there’s always more to learn about the human species and this complex, multifaceted, multilayered experience called life, called being human, called the essence and self of you, the heart of you; and why working with you from within (from the heart of you, the essence of you, the self), with the external (human elements like: philosophy – existence and the human condition, psychology – consciousness, subconsciousness, unconsciousness, sociology – societal culture, the first filter to you and society, societal validation, societal roles, stigmas, etc., physiology – the brain and body, and more) and pursuing inner growth (the journey and mindset) from the mind and heart conversations is what leads you to tap in to your infinite higher potential and bring it forth into this world to affect your everyday life for the better, but also the world’s everyday life in ways that go beyond what our hearts and minds can fathom.