Day: December 7, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 341 – Reassuring Insecurities From The Heart

Exploring reassuring insecurities from the heart; how this process is ongoing no matter where you are with your inner growth journey and unconditional love of self; the amazing input you gain from raising your consciousness to the conflict that comes with the external and the self (the essence of you, the internal, your heart) and focusing on you, what you can do from the heart and mind to reassure yourself, rework the situation, and not deny the inner world or outer world; the role of neutrality in duality when acknowledgement of deep hurt for the insecurities takes place; and how complete reassurance can only come from your own heart through a mind-heart decision from within you (that you raise your consciousness and focus/awareness to) to let your heart, your inner self, be the sole guide and leader of you from a place of unconditional love for self and the external.