Day: December 5, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 339 – Your Mind Can Be Your Greatest Strength and Ally or Your Worst Enemy

Exploring how your mind can be your greatest strength and ally or your worst enemy; how inner growth gets you to use your mind relationship consciously as the “tool” that enables you to learn more, grow more, become more unconditionally loving, and tap in to the infinite potential of you more; the amazing journey of extremes (duality) with neutrality; how the neutrality brings it all together enabling any heart and mind conversation to be one that furthers unconditional love towards self and all, while growing from within in a way that raises your consciousness, mind and heart to a whole new level of the inner growth and infinite potential journey you are on as a human, as you live life in this world, with the external, and the essence of you; and why paying attention to your heart (your feelings) and bringing unconditional love to you (and your feelings) is fundamental to all of this (the opportunity for inner growth, for going beyond with your mind on any aspect with love for self and all, and so on).