Day: November 12, 2019

November 5D ascension energies 11/11 and the full moon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Another exciting month is here with 5d ascension energies coming in since the beginning of the month, with the 11/11 portal energies having just passed (lingering about), and tonight’s full moon upon us; not to mention the November 26 new moon, which lies ahead and more astrological events, planets moving, energies coming in; all to process and adapt to, to keep centering to our and in our hearts as we bring to the surface anything old and not centered in our hearts, adapt and adopt the new and raise our consciousness to it, and incorporate it into our world, to lead with more love and light, to lead with unconditional love in the forefront, and gain knowledge of this amazing earthly and life experience transformation for us individually and collectively.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 316 – Creating To Leave Your Mark

Exploring how to stay connected with all that is you, while creating things in the world that are outside of you; why leaving your mark is something important; how unconditional love and finding yourself is what sets you on a path of creation for your inner expression and joy, for the joy of all and for that which life is; and how it all comes together when you find inner harmony with the inner world and outer world that you live every day, when you raise your consciousness to the two as existing and sometimes clashing/conflicting, but how you can find the perfect blend of the essence that is you and the reality that life is so that you may bring the two together and bring forth your higher unlimited potential, as well as the world’s higher unlimited potential through what you create physically in this world and lifetime, which is also the mark you leave.