Day: October 17, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 290 – A Special Inner Growth Message To All The Light and Love Warriors

Sharing a special inner growth message to all the light and love warriors; the importance of keeping unconditional love in the forefront; the depths to which you go within when faced with the opposite of love by all those around you and the external; the opportunity for inner growth and being the unconditional love and light you feel you are and that you are wanting to bring forth in all you are and do; and how you become more and more of that light and unconditional love, as long as you keep on believing in you and humanity, from the heart, the essence of you, and the mind of you through a raising of consciousness and ascension to heart, awakening completely to it at its purest form, and connecting it to all that it means to be human and live a life that is essence.