Day: October 14, 2019

October 5D ascension energies and the full moon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! When it comes to the 5D ascension energies this month, it has been quite interesting so far. There are different sources that I have referenced, in addition to my personal intuitive connection with what I perceive from the ascension energies through myself (my feelings and experiences) and the collective (feelings and experiences).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 287 – Raising Your Consciousness To Your Everyday Choices

Exploring raising your consciousness to your everyday choices; how it is about the small things that can add up to bring you the ultimate results you want with your quality of life; why it’s an inner day-to-day practice of mind and heart communication; how inner growth gets you to raise your consciousness to the human elements and essence of you as you pursue inner harmony, expansion of the infinite potential you hold, and more; why it’s not impossible to achieve anything from within, unless you choose for it to be impossible; and how the choice is always yours of where to bring forth heart and mind to change your reality to one that combines all of you with the love you have for life and the world.