Day: September 27, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 270 – Aligning With Your Life Purpose From The Heart

Exploring aligning with your life purpose from the heart; how this is an inner conversation that takes place between you and you from the heart and mind with the human elements that are a part of our lives; what ways your heart can help you understand what you truly know your life purpose to be; why it’s your choice to see “failure” or “success” as parts of life purpose goal-achievements, but how you can transform these to be aligned with your heart as well since life purpose is essence, abstract, and definable from within when you explore it through inner growth and consciousness of you, the essence and heart of you; and why when others have something to say about your life purpose you can use that experience to continue aligning your life purpose from your heart, with heart, at any time you wish to do so.