Day: September 13, 2019

September 5D ascension energies with the full moon at hand

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! We’re in another month of great transformation, and while for some of us it’s all sky-high, uplifting and warming from the heart; for others it is a bit of a battle between the “old” and the “new”. If you’re in the uplifted feelings and ah ha moments you know that it isn’t a one-way for all the same this ascension, this 5D experience; it is personal and it is where it needs to be for every person, humanly speaking and essence of life speaking. This month I am choosing to share what I perceive the 5D ascension energies are bringing from a personal perspective with the human elements, with inner growth, with the knowledge of consciousness and the role this plays throughout the process of 5D ascension.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 256 – Awareness To All Of You In The Toughest Of Times

Exploring awareness to all of you in the toughest of times; what the external has to do with uncovering all of you; why tough times is where awareness rises; how inner growth gets you to go to the depths of you, connect mind and heart, and know all of the pieces involved in these moments; what different levels of consciousness contribute; and how you always choose how far you’ll go with awareness to all of you even in the absence of tough times.