Day: September 8, 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 251 – Finding Your Sweet Spot Within Through Inner Growth

Exploring finding your sweet spot within through inner growth; the different levels of inner growth depending if you’re just starting or if you’re still dealing with duality, or if you’ve moved on to a space of neutrality and unlimited potential; the difference inner contemplation makes with inner growth in mind when faced with inner conflict and the opportunity to choose inner growth (once you raise your consciousness to that very opportunity through your inner explorations); and how your heart, life, unconditional love, and flow play a part in this process as you become more conscious of all of you, your inner power for transformation and heart-felt choices, and the truth of what it means to find complete inner harmony with what is, as is, to then bring about another way of transforming things within and consequently also without (in the external, your outer world).