Month: September 2019

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 273 – All Answers Come To You As You Balance Love and Compassion

Exploring how all answers come to you as you balance love and compassion; why love and compassion are essential; what inner growth has to do with finding this balance with love and compassion, expand it, and also get ahold of your answers consistently through you in time and this raising of consciousness to balance from the heart for you and the external; why compassion toward self and others is essential for you to tap in to your answers from the heart; and how to identify, work with, and put aside and/or remove the filters you apply that veil or blind you from the answers you already hold within and the inner harmony and peace you can have while waiting for the answers to reveal themselves to something very important to you.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 272 – Raising Your Consciousness To Your Defense Mechanisms

Exploring raising your consciousness to your defense mechanisms; why this is important for your inner harmony, flow, open heart, unconditional love, higher potential, love of life and overall quality of life; how inner growth helps you to raise your consciousness to these mechanisms and explore them with the human elements, the essence of you, your heart, and overcome them to stop blocking your higher potential; and what ways you can identify these defense mechanisms by exploring from within your day-to-day habits, situations, life events, and so on.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 271 – Once You Know Who You Are From The Heart Your World Changes Forever

Exploring how once you know who you are from the heart your world changes forever; the role inner conflict and inner growth have in getting you on a journey to discover who you are from the heart; how raising your consciousness to the different layers of you, humanly and essence/heart speaking, is what gets you to uncover more and more of you in all of you; and why your infinite worth, potential, and self-leadership from the heart are what you uncover that keeps transforming your world forever in the most unconditionally loving and amazing ways.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 270 – Aligning With Your Life Purpose From The Heart

Exploring aligning with your life purpose from the heart; how this is an inner conversation that takes place between you and you from the heart and mind with the human elements that are a part of our lives; what ways your heart can help you understand what you truly know your life purpose to be; why it’s your choice to see “failure” or “success” as parts of life purpose goal-achievements, but how you can transform these to be aligned with your heart as well since life purpose is essence, abstract, and definable from within when you explore it through inner growth and consciousness of you, the essence and heart of you; and why when others have something to say about your life purpose you can use that experience to continue aligning your life purpose from your heart, with heart, at any time you wish to do so.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 269 – How You Handle BS Situations Makes A Difference

Exploring why how you handle BS situations makes a difference; what ways you can handle it with inner growth in mind and how this works in favor of your quality of life in addition to your raising of consciousness to you and your heart; why unconditional love is a part of the process; what role neutrality has in this process; and why considering how you handle bs situations, small or big, by leading with heart and inner growth transforms your day-to-day life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 268 – Having Honest Conversations From The Heart

Exploring having honest conversations from the heart; the challenge with this; the difference it makes for those on an inner growth journey and how an inner growth mindset assists you with those who don’t speak honestly and from the heart; the dynamics that play out with the two types of conversations between people and why inner growth helps you to go beyond in many ways, contributing unconditional love and acceptance to self and others involved in the conversations; and how these honest conversations from the heart are an amazing way to share insights and life experiences with self and each other.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 267 – Stop Letting People Get To You

Exploring how to stop letting people get to you; why it’s important for your quality of life and happiness; how it’s always in your power to not allow others to get to you; in what ways your inner growth journey gets you to stop your mental and emotional engagement with these situations, and instead focus and engage in ways that allow you to grow continuous knowledge of you and humanity; and how with an inner growth mindset in these moments you also start harnessing and growing your inner power for happiness, harmony, unconditional love, and higher unlimited potential.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 266 – Accessing Infinite Potential Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Exploring why accessing infinite potential is not for the faint of heart; why an open heart and unconditional love for all life circumstances are essential to this process; what breaking down all that is in your knowledge bank to then rebuilding it with the knowledge of infinite potential entails; how levels of consciousness and trust in life have to do with the process; the role of the unknown and one’s experience with working through the unknown consciously; how every person will access as much as they believe to be their truth from within (from the heart); and why this is an inner growth journey not an external one.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 265 – It Takes Courage To Lead With Love and An Open Heart

Exploring the courage it takes to lead with love and an open heart; why courage and vulnerability go hand-in-hand and how love and heart show you this; what inner growth and the pursuit of your higher unlimited potential have to do with this abundance of love and open heart feeling and outlook; why a closed heart and absence of love affects primarily you; and how you can always choose to go deep when trusting your heart and the love you hold for self, life, others, and the world.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 264 – Committing To Your Happiness In Life

Exploring committing to your happiness in life; the intricacies involved; the role of harmony with what you think, say, and do in the small and big things, in all things, every single day; how inner growth gets you to commit and pursue your unlimited potential; the breaking free point that comes with neutrality in duality; the dedication that involves you and you alone, your heart, the essence of you, and not the external; and how this type of commitment to your life happiness also spreads to the change from the heart you want to share with the world.